FSRTC Releases the Report on the National Campaign to Involve Family Support Stakeholders in Developing a Research Agenda

Silhouette of a man behind a person sitting on a wheelchair on a background of city sunset.Family members are a primary source of support for people with disabilities across the life course. Parents, siblings and grandparents provide care and support to children and youth with disabilities and many different family members provide a broad range of support to adults with disabilities. This includes individuals who are aging with disabilities and those who acquire disabilities in later life. Family support is an important area of research, policy and services and as a result, there was a federal call for the development of a national strategic research plan for family support. In response, the Family Support Research and Training Center (FSRTC) designed an iterative, participatory process to generate such a document. The Family Support Need to Know campaign was the first stage in this process. In partnership with Easterseals, the FSRTC set out to gather input about what family support topics need to be studied from a wide array of stakeholder groups.

The report describes the findings of the Need to Know campaign and presents the main topics and themes that emerged from our stakeholders. These finding were generated using these two vehicles: IdeaScale, an online platform where stake-holders provided family support research topics, indicated agreement by voting topics up or down, are presented; and a pen and paper format that allowed participation those without online access.  Finally, we summarize the findings and discuss next steps in developing the strategic research plan on family support.

Click here to download the report.