Researchers at the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago have been working for many years with the State of the States Project through a subcontract from the University of Colorado (CU). In the past they have collaborated on waiver studies, family support, and large national dataset analyses. They are are now engaged in an analysis of managed care programs in the states impacting children and adults with IDD and their families. We are hoping you will participate in this important study. The purpose of this study is to gather as many potential best practices as possible for additional review by the research team. Please complete the survey that is linked on line in this post as many times as you would like, with each survey specific to one potential best or promising practice. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Caitlin Crabb at or 312-413-1535, or Rick Hemp at or 303-860-6133.

To access the survey, please visit and please feel free to forward the brief description above and the survey link to anyone in your state who may want to complete the survey. We hope to get the responses by March 1, 2017.