On Friday, April 28, 2017, Spanish language television news program Univision News Chicago aired a segment on Parents Taking Action. Click on the link below to watch the report. The segment is in Spanish, so we provided a transcript in English.


For Latino parents who have a child with autism seeking advice and ways to help their child can be frustrating. However, in the Latino community, there are promotoras who work as community health workers and whose services can help educate parents about autism and what services are available.

Sandy: Autism is a disorder where children have problems with social communication. And also, they sometimes have repetitive behaviors and may have learning problems.

Jorge: As a researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Sandy collaborates with other experts in disseminating an educational program designed for Latinos called Parent Taking Action.

Sandy: It is to help families know more, and learn more about autism. What services are available, what services they should receive, but we are also teaching strategies that they can use at home, to help their children.

Jorge: Luzmar and her 15-year-old daughter Aileen know what it is to live with autism. Fortunately, Aileen has undergone a dramatic improvement thanks to constant therapy and the advice of Parents Taking Action.

Luzmar: I’ve taken her with me, and other moms tell me, “It’s amazing what we’re seeing” And some of the families who saw her when she was little are very surprised by the change when they see her now.

Jorge: Meanwhile, Aileen says living with autism successfully could be possible if children have full support from their parents, mainly in their education.

Aileen: To teach children that I am more than what they think of me. Because they [Parents] always tell me, “You can do it. Give it all you’ve got” and that helps me to continue and to be where I am now.