On September 24, FSRTC conducted a webinar hosted by The Arc on a strategic plan for family caregiving support research. With input from people with disabilities, family caregivers, health and service providers, the plan identifies research topics related to exploration and discovery, services and interventions, and policy. It also discusses how to approach these topics in new ways. Join us to discuss these topics and how researching them can positively impact the lives of family caregivers and the people with disabilities, the communities where they live, and the programs and policies that support them.

The webinar was recorded and is available for listening through the WebEx app. Please click on the link to begin the webinar.

  • Note that you will be prompted to download and install WebEx.
  • Once you have installed the software, if it does not open a WebEx window, click on the link again.
  • Start on time point 21:13.

Click here for the presentation slides.