The FSRTC team is proud to announce a new article on Parents Taking Action was recently published online. The article by authors Kristina Lopez, Sandra Magaña, Miguel Morales and Emily Illand is entitled Parents Taking Action: Reducing disparities through a culturally informed intervention for Latinx parents of children with autism. This article elucidates the results of the PTA intervention in Los Angeles County, California. The following is the article abstract:

Latinx children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are underserved in part due to a lack of culturally relevant evidence-based services. We conducted a randomized control trial to test the efficacy of a culturally informed parent education intervention to address this gap. We assigned 26 Latina mothers of children with ASD to receive the intervention immediately (N = 12) or after all assessments were conducted (N = 14). All participants received baseline and follow-up assessments. Repeated measures ANOVA revealed significant improvement in child and parent outcomes for the intervention group compared to the control. This intervention is a culturally tailored way to address disparities in services for Latinx children with ASD.

For more information about Parents Taking Action, visit the PTA projects page or visit the article webpage.