The Family Support Research and Training Center (FSRTC) and The Arc presented two webinars that highlight interventions for families of individuals with disabilities. Recording of the webinars can be accessed through the following links.

Webinar 1: Taking Research to Action on Future Planning

The Family Support Research and Training Center (FSRTC) and The Arc’s Center for Future Planning recently piloted two types of future planning interventions for professionals who work with adults with disabilities and their families. The two projects were conducted with agencies in eight US states. This webinar details the train-the-trainer approaches (including in-person and virtual training) and evaluations, including participants’ outcomes and the amount and impact of outreach initiated by the trained professionals. It present strategies for expanding the reach of evidence-based future planning training to professionals in order to multiply the number of families and individuals with disabilities who receive needed information on future planning.

Play recording (1hr 14 min)

Webinar 2: Replicating a Special Education Advocacy Training: Lessons Learned

This webinar covers the learned lessons from replicating the Volunteer Advocacy Project (VAP), a special education advocacy training. A review of the research about the VAP and a discussion of the supports offered to agencies to replicate the VAP are highlighted in the webinar. The Community Inclusion and Development Alliance (CIDA) also discusses their replication of the VAP for Korean families of children with disabilities.

Play recording (1hr 9min)