Promising Practices


The purpose of this project was to identify and evaluate promising practices in family support across the lifespan. Identification of promising practices can assist with scaling up effective practices across local settings and states. It can also help identify needs for research to improve the evidence of outcomes or translate knowledge of effective approaches and models across different population, if appropriate.

We conducted a broad-based environmental scan, consisting of nominations from 1) the aging community, 2) disability community, and 3) existing research from a literature review. A family support expert workgroup was convened to assess each practice, prioritize which ones to highlight, and provide additional guidance on describing practices. Based on this process, we developed summaries for 28 practices arranged in three domains:

  • Discovery and Navigation (Information and Training support):  Information, education and training on best practices within and outside of formal services, accessing and coordinating community supports, and advocacy and leadership skills.
  • Connections and Partnerships (Emotional support): Connections and networks of family members connected with other family members with similar lived experiences and mutual partnerships with professionals that lead to empowerment
  • Goods and Services (Instrumental support: Services and goods that are specific to the daily support and/or caregiving role for person with disability or who is aging.

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