Caregiver Coach Program

Primary Practice

 In-person navigational support delivered by professionals


Caregiver Coach Program comprises a coordination system that helps caregivers navigate available services. It was established by La Crosse County Aging Unit in 2013. The core principle of the program was establishment in response to frequent complaints from caregivers such as that they don’t know where to start and that they feel so overwhelmed. Caregivers are referred to the coach through healthcare providers that works at La Crosse, Gundersen and Mayo Healthcare Systems. The coach visits with the caregiver and their loved one to determine what services would fit their needs and their desire at the current time. Additionally, the coach is available by phone or in person as a mentor, giving support, reassurance and addressing changes in the care plan as needed. Reassuring support, mentoring, problem solving with the help of the coach relieves some of the burden on caregivers. The Coach also helps caregivers attend support groups 

Target Population(s)

Caregivers of older adults, individuals with dementia


 Improved coordination/navigation of services


 The program is currently offered through La Crosse County Aging Unit (Wisconsin) and is available for caregivers and/or care receiver who are age 60+ for free. Previously the program was funded the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP).

Evidence of Outcomes

New Idea/Novel Approach
No formal research has been conducted on the program. As of May 2015 the program has served 208 individuals.

Additional Information

Caregiver Coach brochure:


Brezinka, A. (2016) Caregiver Coach Program Initial Report. Aging and Disability Resource Center of Western Wisconsin.