Family Support in Managed Care

Tamar Heller, PI; Randall Owen, Co-PI

The rapid growth of both managed care and managed long term service and support into integrated care models of delivery of Medicaid and Medicare services (referred to here as managed care) requires further investigation on family support within integrated/managed care settings. This project constitutes conducting an intensive examination of family support and the role of managed care in one locale where people with disabilities are transition from Medicare fee for service to managed care in order to understand the relationship between family support and outcomes one year later for both families and individuals with disabilities. To obtain a national picture, they will scan the literature, identify promising practices and examine in more detail five programs with promising practices nationally.

This project will contribute to the knowledge about family support within managed care and will add to the work of the R2 project (Identifying promising practices in family support services) by identifying family support Promising Practices that are linked to managed care. Findings of this project will result in several publications, including journal articles and policy brief for researchers and policy makers, as well as research to practice briefs targeted to providers, people with disabilities and to families.

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