Identifying Promising Practices in Family Support Services

Joe Caldwell, PI; Katie Arnold, Co-PI

Promising Practices can be defined as practices that are considered as successful in one setting and hold potential for application in other settings with or without additional modifications. Identifying Promising Practices in the area of Family Support is an effective way to translate knowledge across local settings and states. This project identified Promising Practices by soliciting inputs from stakeholders in the aging and disability communities, investigated candidate Promising Practices, and evaluated and prioritized the outcomes.

Specifically, we conducted a broad-based environmental scan, consisting of nominations from the aging and disability communities and a literature review. A family support expert workgroup was convened to assess each practice, prioritize which ones to highlight, and provide additional guidance on describing practices. Based on this process, we developed summaries for 28 practices arranged in three domains: Connections & Partnerships (Emotional Supports); Discovery & Navigation (Information and Training Supports); Goods & Services (Instrumental Supports).

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